About Us

Byooti is an online and pop-up shop, which aims to provide a holistic range of Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty cosmetics. This is your one stop shop for all things Black hair care. We are dedicated to providing quality service to our community.

Byooti has strong roots in social enterprise and has a mission to provide support to the education of African-Caribbean children. We believe that education and beauty should be entwined, that's why when you buy selected products we donate toward the supplementary education of an African-Caribbean child.

Byooti is co-founded by two sisters, Naomi Simon, aged 25 and Chinyere Simon, aged 22.

*A Letter from the Simon Sisters*

Hey You!

Welcome to our store. We couldn't be more excited for you to join our movement. We are on a mission to improve the education of African-Caribbean children through beauty, or as we like to say, BYOOTI.

Just a little bit about us. We were both born and bred in South-East London where we would often visit traditional afro hair stores. We felt there was an opportunity to provide a service with better care, from people who are knowledgable and highly passionate about Afro hair and beauty. Simultaneously, we felt there was an opportunity for the revenue of loyal customers to benefit the African-Caribbean community.

Fast forward years later, we've decided to do something about the lack of quality Afro hair shops by opening an online and pop-up shop which will help sponsor extra educational support for African Caribbean students! We will inspire better education through Byooti. Wonderful!

Byooti has experts in Afro hair care. We have been on courses, tried various hair care methods, styles, vitamins and oils. So we know the what works. Brilliant!


Warmest Regards,

Naomi and Chinyere





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