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August Box

 August Byooti Box with Mielle Organics Rice water Milk, Rice Water Mask, Jade Facial Roller, Shea Moisture coconut milk and Niche Skin Tea
It's Time for Intense Moisture
We've said it many times before and we'll keep saying it. The secret to healthy hair and skin is moisture. Moisture prevents breakage, split ends and damaged skin. This month the Byooti Box is here to revive moisture into your hair and skin.
What's in the August Byooti Box?
Mielle Organics Rice Water Hair and Skin Clay Mask
Mielle Organics Rice Water Hair Milk
Niche Tea - Skin
Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Milk Mask
Jade Stone Face Roller
This box is designed to remove impurities from hair and skin and replace with hydration. The box has been carefully curated by our co-founders to give you the ultimate self-care day at home.
Why did we choose these products?
Mielle Organics Rice Water Hair and Skin Clay Mask - Works great on hair, draws out the nasties and adds moisture. The thick consistency, coats strands well; leaving hair feeling rejuvenated. The ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and some of the best we've seen!
Mielle Organics Rice Water Hair Milk - Great use as a leave in conditioner and when sealed with an oil, your hair should stay moisturised for 2-3 days.
Niche Tea Skin - Natural ingredients, high content of vitamin C and filled with ingredients known to create balanced and glowing skin.
Shea Moisture Face Mask - A deep treatment face mask to add moisture to those who suffer from dry skin.
Jade Stone Face Roller - You're missing out if you don't use a jade facial roller, sis. You'll see just how well products penetrate into your skin when rolled in with this genuine jade stone roller.