Best Hair Foundation Kit

Have you had the most amazing protective style, whether that was a weave, extensions or cornrows which looked beautiful and was very convenient? Did this mean you left that style in for months, later to find you lost some hair and edges. Or have you suffered from thinning of hair and hair loss, which could have been the result of a medical problem or not giving your hair enough TLC.
This can be so frustrating, and growing your hair back can be difficult when all you want to do is slick those edges and put your hair back in a protective style.
Ms Hair Foundation Kit
Ms Hair understands the struggle and has revolutionised a product which covers thinning hair and gives the impression of thick looking hair, while growing your mane back. They now have hair foundations in different colours, meaning you can change the colour of your hair without damaging it. Amazing!
Wait... The good news doesn't stop there! The Foundation Fibres contain natural ingredients. They use mineral-based colourants to dye their fibres. Keratin, a protein that already exists naturally in human hair and Gossypium Herbaceum, a Moroccan cotton plant, great for hair loss. Lastly, they do not use any harmful chemicals, artificial fillers, preservatives or animal ingredients.
Source: Ms Hair


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