What is the Byooti Wellness Club?

Byooti Wellness Club is a subscription box for hair, skin and wellness products. Each month members receive hair, skin and wellness products specially curated and tested by our team. Discover natural, sustainable and inspiring products. Each box is designed to encourage flourishing hair and skin while transforming your wellness. 

Exclusive members are a part of a close group of women who come together to discuss important topics and receive expert advice from doctors and other experts.

Byooti Wellness Club Options

We think a treat to yourself should be normal. That's why we send you natural hair, skin and wellness goodies each month!

Eva Foam

✔️4 Monthly hair, skin & wellness products.
✔️Early box access.

Non slip surface

✔️5 Monthly hair, skin & wellness products.
✔️Early box access​.
✔️Free expert advice.
✔️Discount on all Byooti oils.
✔️Quaterly 20 minutes hair consultations.
✔️Access to the Byooti Forum.

Non slip surface

✔️5 hair, skin & Wellness products.

How it works.


1. Order. Choose your membership plan to become a Byooti.


2. Get it. At beginning of each month, receive your goodies straight to your door and connect with other Byooties.


3. Explore.  Explore your goodies and receive expert advice.




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