6 Important Tips For Growing Natural Hair

With Autumn here, we thought you might like to know how to keep your hair healthy this season. Here are 5 top tips to help you out: 

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1. Pre poo your hair often

Shampooing your hair every time you wash it can be damaging to your strands as it removes much of the natural goodness needed to maintain healthy hair. Pre pooing often helps to aid against the tendency for shampoo to strip your hair of it's natural oils and moisture. Pre pooing should be carried out before shampooing.

Steps for pree pooing your hair:

1. Spray your hair with water (to help you later section your hair)
2.  Choose a moisturiser of your choice, e.g.natural cocoa butter 
3. Select natural oils of your choice such as olive oil and almond oil
4. Mix the moisturiser and oil together and massage the mix into your hair
5. Section your hair 
5. Apply a rinse of your choice e.g. apple cider vinegar
6. Leave this in for 10 minutes
7. Wash out the mix
8. Begin shampooing your hair

2. Grow your edges with Jamaican Castor Oil

Whether you are planning to wear long braids or weaves as your protective style this autumn or have been experiencing hair lose around your edges, applying warm castor oil in a circular motion twice a day (morning and night) for at least two weeks can stimulate hair growth.

 Black Jamaican Castor Oil 


3. Section your hair to find the best moisturising method

Different kinds of moisturising methods include: Liquid, Oil & Cream (LOC), find the order which works best for you - perhaps LCO, LOCO. It is important to know which method works best for you, as this helps to retain the protein and oils which aid in your hair growth. Section your hair and try the different methods on each section then check to see which section has the best result. Remember your moisturising method can change depending on the season.


Example of sectioning your hair by @mina_cacheada. Grab your detangler!

4. Get rid of your cotton pillows

Whether you have kinky, curly or straight hair, you should stay away from cotton pillows. Cotton materials pulls on your hair strands which may cause breakage and split ends. It is recommended to use a satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcases are very smooth which means that your hair won’t get caught while sleeping.

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5. Use leave-in conditioner and finger detangle

Using a comb can be harmful to your hair. The most effective way to detangle is simply using your fingers and a leave-in conditioner which helps to make hair softer, slippery and thus easier to separate. Finger detangling takes longer, but you lose a lot less hair, which is always worth it. Combs should only be used to style your hair. 

@klasssy Kinks demonstrating finger detangling kinky hair, with the use of leave-in conditioner

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