October Box

Celebrating Black British Businesses 
Byooti celebrates Blackness every month of the year, however, in honour of Black History month, we're supporting Black British Brands with a social impact.
RRP: £44.95

1. Silk Satin Pillowcases - Black
2. Eléngé Coffee Face and Body Scrub
3. Agri Afriq Moringa and Lemograss Tea
4. Mon Shea Black Soap
5. Olu Olu Plantain Crisps
Why we picked each Byooti Box Item
Silk Satin Pillowcases
Great for 'lazy naturals' who forget to tie their hair before bed or for when the head scarf mysteriously falls off during the night. These pillowcases help to protect the hair from snagging, while the material avoids draining moisture from the hair, unlike cotton. Enjoy the luxurious feel of silk satin pillowcases during a good night's sleep.
Eléngé Coffee Face and Body Scrub 
The coffee beans used are sustainably and ethically sourced from Congo DRC. The scrub is 100% natural and will exfoliate and moisturise skin. Remove dead skin cells and gain smoother skin by massaging the grounds of coffee on your skin. This scrub can be used on your face and body. We absolutely love this scrub and we think you will too!
Agri Afriq Moringa and Lemongrass Tea
Morvigor company provides moringa seeds to women farmers in Sierra Leone free of charge and then buys from them the Moringa they grow. This is what you'll be receiving. Awesome isn't it?! Moringa contains many benefits including protecting and nourishing hair and skin, due to the protein content. It also contains hydrating and detoxifying elements, which also boost the skin and hair.
Mon Shea Black Soap
Mon Shea African Black soap is a mild natural soap that will cleanse & clarify your skin. The plant oils contained have been carefully selected to help treat marks, acne, eczema & hyperpigmentation.
Olu Olu Plantain Crisps
Whether you say 'plan-TIN' or 'plan-TAIN', I think we can all agree on our love for this cultural treat.

Happy Black History Month! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the Byooti Box Subscription?

Receive a monthly box of 5 hair, skin and wellness products. Be part of a close virtual group of women committed to living their best lives. Gain expert advice.

Do the products work with all skin types?

We search for products that can be used no matter whether you have dry, oily or balanced skin; our aim is for everyone to discover balanced skin. We also provide instructions so you know how to use each product in a way that’s best for you.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

For monthly subscribers first payment is charged immediately and then on the 7th of each month. For quarterly subscribers payments is charged immediately and then on the 7th of March, June, September, December, to cover the next box. Pause or cancel at anytime before payment is due.

Can I choose which products I receive in my box?

We love surprising our members each month with new and exciting products. We do the hard work of finding beautiful products each month so that you don’t have to.

Do the products work on relaxed hair

All products for curly, kinky, coily hair can be used on relaxed hair. Unless specified. Please read instructions on packaging for directions.

Do the products work only on natural hair textures?

We curate boxes designed for kinky, curly, coily and transitioning hair textures, howeverproducts can also be used on relaxed or straight hair.

How do I update my payment details?

It’s simple. Log into your account or drop us an email and we'll help you.

When can I cancel or pause by?

Cancel or pause any time before the next billing date.

Can I skip my next box?

Yes you can, and it’s simple! log into your account or drop us an email at support@byooti.co before the next billing date and we'll do it for you.

When will I receive my box?

Subscribers usually receive their boxes during the last week of the month. If you have ordered a one-time box, look out for an email detailing shipment.

Can I update my shipping details

Sure, it’s simple. Just log into your account and update your shipping details or drop us an email at support@byooti.co and we'll do it for you.

I'm late in subscribing but I'd really like the current or a past box!

Sis, we are here for you! Drop us an email at support@byooti.co and we’ll try our very best.

How much is postage and packaging

£3.99 for UK delivery addresses.