Video Hair Consultation

We understand that it can be difficult to gain personalised advice about your hair at local Afro hair shops. That's why you can schedule a free 15 minute video consultation with us to learn how to reach your hair goals

We understand the struggle of not knowing how to maintain your natural, transitioned or chemically straightened hair. Chi, co-founder of Byooti, has helped women achieve their hair goals, and is now opening her services to our Byooties. Through online video chat, Chi can now help your hair flourish too.

Over the past 5 years Chi has styled and cared for different hair types, from 3A to 4C hair. She has conducted extensive research to learn effective ways to maintain healthy hair. Book a 15 minute session where Chi will assess your hair and provide advice on how to grow luscious tresses

Email us at to kick start your free 15 minutes hair consultation session.






Terms and Conditions: Byooti does not advise on medical issues please consult a medical professional for such advice. Byooti does not take any responsibility for allergic reactions that could occur as a result of the products advised by our consultant or bought from our site.


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