Pay It Forward

Byooti is dedicated to giving back to the community. That's why when you buy a product from our Pay It Forward range you are helping to provide an African-Caribbean child with additional academic support.


How It Works
At least 10% of the money you pay, when you buy items from our Pay It Forward range is donated to our partner, Simon Education. For every £180 that Simon Education receives, they will provide a child with academic support. £180 will provide an African-Caribbean child support in English and Mathematics for one term.


About Our Partnership
We have partnered with Simon Education, an alternative education organisation, which has worked tirelessly for more than 30 years to provide Black British children with educational support. Much of Simon Education's alumni currently sit in Magic Circle, Big Four and Engineering firms. Recently, two of their students who have been attending the school for several years, were placed within the top 5 academic achievers within their boroughs. Both founders of Byooti used Simon Education services as daughters of the director and thus the pair would like to provide the same opportunity to African-Caribbean children whose parents are financially unable to afford lessons.


How Do We Select Children?
Simon Education identifies children who are in need of additional learning support; this includes young people who have been excluded from school and who require extra tuition.



How do I know which Products are in 'Pay it Forward' range?
When you see this symbol on the left hand corner of a product image you know you are giving toward a great cause. We are adding more products to the Pay It Forward range all the time. View our Pay It Forward range



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