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September Box

September Byooti Box. 6 items of shampoo, conditioner, eye mask, growth oil, sweets and a shampoo scrub
The theme of this box is INDULGENCE
This month we wanted to provide you all with enjoyment and that's why the September Byooti Box is all about delight.
RRP: £51.95
Eye mask 
O So Curly Shampoo Scrub
Kera Care product
TGIN Soap OR Mielle Organics Growth Oil
TGIN Replenish Conditioner OR Mielle Organics Shampoo
Candy Kittens Sweets 
Why we picked each item in your box
Eye Mask 
This eye mask is 100% Silk Satin. You only have to feel it to appreciate how wonderfully soft it is. The stuffing is designed to provide enough weight on your eyes to send you into a beautifully deep sleep. The material blocks out the light, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing sleep.
O So Curly Shampoo Scrub 
If like us washing your hair seems like an olympic sport, then this product is here to reduce the effort. Instead of using your hands use this scrub to scrub your scalp. The silicone bristles remove build up from the scalp. This bristles are made from silicone, making it hygienic and easy to clean
Candy Kittens Sweets
As we said, this box is about enjoyment and what better way to enjoy than with these vegan sweets. Just like with mosts sweets, these a primarily sugar, but it's good to give yourself a treat every once in a while. Enjoy!
We've included a sulfate free shampoo that you can use with the scalp scrub. Is there a better feeling than freshly washed hair? We don't think so. We're wishing you a relaxing washday.
Sis, after washing your hair, conditioner is a must. It's essential to keep curly, coily, kinky hair moisturised. Conditioner is designed to moisturise and strengthen hair to reduce breakage and encourage growth. We recommend conditioning or deep conditioning every washday.