Hair Consultation - Launch Sale

Hair Consultation - Launch Sale

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This live online session with our hair consultant Chinyere will provide you with information to promote healthy hair growth specific to your hair type. Chinyere, your hair consultant will help you define a hair regime to reach your hair goals

Chinyere has been a natural hair advocate for several years. Through her work as a hair stylist she has learnt of various techniques, styles and products to encourage healthy hair. 

What the session consists of:
1. The consultant will gain an understanding of the aspirations you have for your hair
2. The consultant will ask you a series of questions to understand your hair type, texture and condition of your hair through a series of interactive exercises
2. The consultant will then give you feedback on these exercises and suggest a care regime to help achieve your hair goals

Terms and Conditions

-Byooti does not advice on medical issues please consult a medical professional for such advice

-Although Byooti advocates for the most natural products. Byooti does not take any responsibility for allergic reactions that could occur as a result of the products advised by our consultant






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